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WMI Monitor Trending

Is there a way to view trending results on WMI monitors?  I can't seem to locate it if there is.  I have a monitor for memory "WMIMemFree 2 5" showing a regular Problem/Recovery, but it doesn't really tell me anything.  All I get is "WMIMemFree 2 5 on host [host name] at [date/time] - WMI: FreePhysicalMemory".  It doesn't tell me what the value was when it polled the device and generated the alarm.  As well, when I compare it to my RMM tool, I'm no where near 95%-98% utilization.

On a side note, it would also be helpful to have a WMI duration setting for each monitor that allows me to tell it how long it must meet that threshold before alarming instead of it just alarming each time it spikes.  It would also be helpful to have control over the polling interval so when I set that setting for say 95% for 10 minutes with a polling period of 5 minutes, I'll know that OnPlus polled the device at least twice with a value of 95%+ before alarming.

As well, a TotalCPU monitor would be very beneficial.

Finally, if trending for WMI doesn't exist, that would be very beneficial information to have.  I would like to trend, or at least report, on the past 30 and 90 days at a minimum for all monitor trending, not just WMI.

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Cisco Employee

WMI Monitor Trending

Hi, I've just opened a bug on what the WMI monitor is reporting. Currently it looks like WMI monitor events are being raised looking like:

'WMI: FreeSpace'

They should instead be reporting something like:

'WMI: FreeSpace is below 10%'

They should contain a text description of what threshold the monitor saw that caused the event. That was the design, but we've obviously got a bug there.

Regarding a graphing/trending feature of these and other monitors over time, I think this is an excellent suggestion and would provide very useful information to predict trends or exhaustion of resources in the future.

I also like the idea of being able to set thresholds on how long the condition is observed before causing an event. I'll let the product owners comment further on these two feature requests, but the underlying monitor scheduling code on the ON100 would support this. In the mean-time, we'll get the bug above fixed asap.


Cisco Employee

WMI Monitor Trending

An update for you on this issue. The fix for missing text in certain monitors has been submitted to test, and should make it out to the production service within about 5 weeks. I *just* missed the deadline for getting this into the next release, which is due out shortly.


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