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New Member

Expected Technology Mix

Is it me or is it since the revamp of CCW the options in the "Expected Technology Mix" part of creating a deal seem to be:

  1. Difficult to understand
  2. Needlesly complex.

For example, what on earth does "COLLABORATION-HCS(Adv.Svcs. CaaS only)" mean? Or "ENT NET-IoT(Phy Sec, Conn Ind/Eng)"???

The great temptation is to hunt down one of the categories that seems to make some sort of sense and allocate 100% to that rather than waste my time trying to decrypt entries such as the above.

Can they be simplified or perhaps a bit of context sensitive help added to the system to explain what they mean in a little more detail?

New Member

Expected Technology Mix


Good day!

If you are confused with what to select for Expected Technology Mix, we suggest that you coordinate with your Account Manager to help you cross reference the items.

With regards to your question "if they can be simplified...", please coordinate with your Partner Account Manager as they can help with Enhancement Requests.


Jen C.

CCW Support

New Member

Expected Technology Mix

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the reply. Perhaps I coud get assistance from my account manager but my point is why should I have to? (Also, do you really think I'm going to take the time to do so when it's easier to just select one category I can understand and not bother with all the inexplicable ones I can't? If Cisco expect us to use these tools the least they can do is to make them easy to use and understand so rather than being packed with acronyms that only a hardened Cisco staffer would understand plain language explanations would be much much better.

Andrew Brazier.

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