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10 Gig Trunk Port

I'm setting up two 3750E switches on a bench prior to installing them  - with a ten Gig port trunk port between them. I am running PVST and have pretty standard switch configuration.   Show span indicates that all my vlans are forwarding between the ports but the packet rate keeps increasing as if its in a loop.  Must be something obvious but can't find it - is there anything special you have to do to those ten GIG Modules to get them to work.

# interface ten gig 1/0/2

# sw trunk enc dot1q

# sw mode trunk

# sw nonegotiate


Re: 10 Gig Trunk Port

If both ports are up then you can check if there is problem with your cables . Possible too much BER because of bad cable or card.

What type  of cards you have (short distance/long distance)

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Re: 10 Gig Trunk Port

ok thanks - I don't see any errors on the ports though.  Its only broadcast packets going back and forth.  The packet rate keeps incr

easing until I shut the port down.  I'm using X2-10GB-LR= modules. 


Re: 10 Gig Trunk Port

pardon me. I thought you are saying that packets are dropping but you are talking about STP loop.

As mentioned in other post, check  if this link creating STP loop because of UDLD ?  Maybe one of your cable not working or some other reason.

Though in LR you dont need an attenuator but check the power levels at both sides.Are they within receiver sensitivity? as you must be  connecting back to back just with patch cables.

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Re: 10 Gig Trunk Port

And you are using SM patch cables (duplex) right?

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