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1310 and 1550 OC 48 cards communicate?

I discover while doing some inventory work that one of the spans on my sonet ring has two different line cars facing each other; 1310 OC48 and a

1550 LR OC48 . I have not noticed any errors or encountered any problems with this span since it was deployed five years ago. How can this be...I assume that these OC 48 cards have filters or are these filters wide band and as such can't distinguish the differnt lambdas ?

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Re: 1310 and 1550 OC 48 cards communicate?

The receivers are wideband and support 1310nm and 1550nm.

Re: 1310 and 1550 OC 48 cards communicate?

Typically, the receivers are wideband, supporting both 1310nm and 1550nm signals; although they may be optimized for one versus the other.  The optical signal will experience different attenuation (loss) characteristics at the two frequencies and the cards may have different optical transmit levels, so the optical receivers will see a different receive level on each end of the link.  As long as the optical receive levels are within the operating range of the receiving line card, the system will typically operate error free.

Using matched cards on the link ends typically helps when troubleshooting as well as sparing equipment.    

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