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15305 Timing Sources

I have a 15305 requirement to support DS3 to STM-1 conversion but my timing source is a T1 while the 15305 requires an E1. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Any T1 to E1 timing conversion boxes out there?

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Re: 15305 Timing Sources

Although each IP network is unique, the topologies and configurations presented in this chapter can be thought of basic building blocks, which can be combined together in order to apply them to a specific network.

In a real network, with a larger number of network elements, additional managed objects can be required to perform the configurations. In particular, configuration of IP, activation and configuration of dynamic routing protocols (RIP, OSPF) require the use of additional managed objects.

IP over DCC (with proprietary or PPP encapsulation) requires configuring a subnet per link (per DCC). Any network element configured with IP over DCC, and located more than two DCC links away form Cisco Edge Craft must either have a static route to Cisco Edge Craft, or run a dynamic routing protocol. As the number of static routes grows with the number of interfaces configured to run IP over DCC, running a dynamic routing protocol can be advantageous. Note that depending on the network topology, care must be taken when enabling IP routing protocol over DCC to prevent the DCC network from being advertised as a path for the user traffic (as opposed to only the management traffic).


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