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15454-10DME-C issue

Hello guys,

Problem description:

le link between our 2 sites is down.

We see  many errors on our   15454-10DME-C.


I 'd like to know if  the card is defective or not.

How can I do?




15454-10DME-C issue

Alioune, could you please explain your MSTP network ? because link between 2 sites could be due to line facing card such as BST or PRE AMP etc. 10DME-C is client card and it takes many inputs and transmit on a perticular WL, do you have other client circuits working ? or does all the client facing circuits are having problem ? what kind of client signal you have problem with SAN ? ethernet ? and what are the performance counter values you seeing ? Here is my thinking style 1) Is this is a new install or working 2) what changed around the problem 3) what is working 4) what is the difference with working and non working port, In optical you need to look in to farend side as well


Posted by WebUser Sanjeewa Alahakone

New Member

15454-10DME-C issue

I am assuming that you have many other services provisioned over the DWDM link between the 2 sites therefore the fault has been diagnosed as being on the 10DME Card

As the card is a Muxponder card assume there are more than 1 circuit provisioned on the card, are all the circuits provisioned on the 10DME card  faulty?

There are lots of fault finding facilities on the ONS15454, try looking at the Performance Stats that may show which end of the link the errors are coming from, also check optical power levels.

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