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15454 10G card transparency

Is there any way to configure this card for complete transparency on the client side?

I want to take a third party products 10G output (propriteray framed with 10.3125 G line rate) and transport it over the 15454 infrastructure.


Re: 15454 10G card transparency

Define a secondary circuit source or destination that allows you to interoperate an ONS 15454 SDH subnetwork connection protection (SNCP) ring with third-party equipment SNCPs.

Re: 15454 10G card transparency

Depends on the interface card. The standard 10G SONET/SDH card will only accepted SONET/SDH formatted signals.

A transponder card used in the DWDM system may allow you to wrap the signal in question in a Digital Wrapper for transport over a wavelength, but I do not know for certain if your signal is supported by the transponder cards.

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Re: 15454 10G card transparency

Thanks for your replies.

The system and card in question is DWDM and the 10G multirate transponder (not sure if it is "enhanced" or not).

Although the name is Multirate, it seems that it only accepts framed signals on the client side.

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