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15454E AIC-I External Inputs Details


I would like to ask if anyone can send me links, pointers or documents with details of how to wire up the AIC-I card for external inputs.

I read that the card can be used to raise alarms based on inputs from external monitoring modules for remote sites, but I cant seem to find enough detail on:   i) how to do this in terms of wiring and config, and (ii) what the result would be. ie will SNMP traps be generated, or alarms on CTC/CTM ?

a how-to type guide would be great.

thanks to all



15454E AIC-I External Inputs Details

I don't know if the following will help you out or not. I don't have any recent experience with this feature, instead, relying on my memory and the hope that some customers with real-world experience chime in.

The external monitoring device that you are using should have contact closure outputs that will be wire-wrapped to the 15454 backplane’s external alarm inputs.  Each alarm input is then provisioned with the proper contact state (normally open or closed), the severity level (major, minor, etc.) and whether you want it the closure tied to a Virtual Wire.  When the 15454’s contact closure is activated by your system’s output, the alarm is raised on the 15454 AIC-I’s faceplate LED and in CTC/CTM or other NMS (depending on how you provisioned the contact closure).  If this contact closure input was tied to a 15454’s Virtual Wire, this would allow the 15454 External Input at this location to control a 15454’s External Control (output) contact closure at another networked location; the External Control contact closure output could connect to an audio or visual system at a manned facility; alerting them to an active alarm.  If you have SNMP Traps created for certain network events, then this information would be captured as well. 

Below is the relevant AIC-I information.  

Installation Guide – Install Alarm Wires to Backplane

Reference Guide – Alarm Mgmt Section

Configuration Guide – Provision External Alarms


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15454E AIC-I External Inputs Details

We use the AIC Card for to monitor the state of external PSU, we tried to use the Cisco supplied cable but ended up manufacturing our own, it was cheaper and tidier, I have a list of all the part nunbers.  Each of the dry contacts is configured in the ONS15454 with a custom description which is sent to the NMS via SNMP.    I think you can configure 20 seperate alarms to control normally open or normally closed conditions.

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