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6509 to ons 15454 showing not connect.

Were running into a problem moving from an oc48 to oc192. In our web enviornment we have a Front-end switch and a Back-end switch in two data centers that are 10 miles apart. Were running a "gigaman" betweent the two. On both ends we have cs6509's and were patched into the Gbic interface on the sup2's. This fiber is ran to are lec's ons 15454 which I have no visibility into. We are unable to get a connection on the 6509's. Were doing basic layer 2 trunking between the switches. Sbc tested from the fiber on the switch to a loop on the other switch and was able to test clean. This worked on the oc-48 but are switches were not connected to a cisco ons. Any suggestions would be apperciated. You can also email me at or AIM jjt8572.

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Re: 6509 to ons 15454 showing not connect.

Have you checked that you have matched the physical media framing - e.g., LAN PHY needs to speak to LAN PHY (or WAN PHY to WAN PHY). Typically the ONS 15454 would be looking for a SONET frames (WAN PHY) while a Cisco 6509 would be sending 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN frames (LAN PHY). That is, unless you specifically choose an interface for your 6509 such as the XENPAK-10GB-LW (10GBASE-LW XENPAK Module with WAN PHY for SMF). From that product's data sheet: "The Cisco 10GBASE-LW Module supports a link length of 10 kilometers on standard single-mode fiber (SMF) (G.652).

WAN-PHY is intended to allow the transport of 10 Gigabit Ethernet over a traditional SONET/SDH infrastructure. The purpose of WAN-PHY is to render 10 Gigabit Ethernet compatible with SONET STS-192c format and data rate, as defined by ANSI, as well as the SDH VC-4-64c container specified by ITU."

One can also use Cisco ONS transponder cards that will wrap LAN PHY framing in something like G.709 encapsulation to allow it to be transported through a DWDM network.

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Re: 6509 to ons 15454 showing not connect.

Received email from SBC that they misconfigured a setting on all 4 ONS boxes. Was told they had flow-control set to "no". They changed it to "yes" and I was able to test this last week and finally got a "connect" on the port.

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