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Ambiguity in ONS training material

In ONS 15540 training module 2, titled "Backplane and Chassis Configuration" page 5 provides a detailed breakdown of the fixed and non-configurable MUX/DMUX linecard to Transponder linecard backplane cross connects (wrt 4 & 8 Channel OADM's).

The text of page 8 however, implies that these backplane cross connects are wired differently for 16 Channel OADM's. Other documents suggest ONS components are compatible across the family, therefore this suggests either a misunderstanding on my part, or an ambiguity in the training material.

Yu-Tien Chi is the instructor of the material, and Larry Engel presented it. Would anyone care to clarify whether the backplane connections are accurately depicted on page 5 or not?

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Re: Ambiguity in ONS training material

I don't have the training material that you refer to, however I may be able to clarify this for you.

The ONS15540 ESP has a fixed optical backplane which, as you say, provides connectivity between the transponder linecards and OADM's. The optical connectivity across this backplane is independant of the OADM or Mux/Demux module used (ie no different whether 4ch/8ch OADM or 16ch Mux/Demux.

The ONS15540 ESPx does not use an optical backplane, but provides the connectors at the front of the OADM/Mux-Demux and transponder linecards, allowing the user to patch these together, either using direct multi-fibre patch-cords or via a cross-connect patch panel.

Let me know if you still have any questions.

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