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BPV and Line Code Violations ONS15454 with UBIC-V

Here is a real puzzler.

I have installed a Cisco ONS 15454 V6.0 with a OC3 Protected and 42 DS1 in a 1:N protection. I have the 150 ft cable out of the UBIC connected to a Siemon patch panel RJ48. I have the punch down ring/ tip on 1 and 2 and ring/tip on 4 and 5. These are the TYCO cables.

The router when connected takes massive errors on the connection. The router is a cisco router and is a known working wic. I have also used a ADTRAN CSU/DSU.

When I hook the firebird to the RJ48, I see the same errors. Frame Loss and BPV.

I have pinned out the cable in all combinations. The TELCO can see the loop on the ONS, but can not loop up the CSU/DSU.

Any Ideas?


Re: BPV and Line Code Violations ONS15454 with UBIC-V

This definitely looks like a physical layer problem. You will see frame loss and BPV errors only when the local loop is having connectivity issues. Check on this.

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Re: BPV and Line Code Violations ONS15454 with UBIC-V

I would recommend using loopback jacks/plugs to isolate the problem. If you place a hard loop at the patch panel facing the ONS, do you see errors on the ONS port? What about if you plug the router cable into a loopback jack? Do errors show up at the router? What about a line loopback on the ONS port?

The next thing is the line build out. The DS1 cards for the 15454 by default are set for 0-131 feet. This refers to the distance from the ONS EIA to the patch panel. You may need to raise the LBO on your ONS ports as well as the router interfaces.

Please let me know if this helps.


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