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changing the firmware from Sonet to SDH

We have a CISCO 15600 SDH node and we have this alarm message: Clock Module frequency mismatch. The fimware of the TSC card currently installed is a sonet.

Is there a way we can change the firmware from sonet to sdh thru software uploading locally or remotely?

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Re: changing the firmware from Sonet to SDH

The Frequency Mismatch alarm occurs when one of the two TSC cards has a timing module failure that causes an inconsistency between the TSC card timing frequencies. This alarm can be caused by the active or standby TSC card.

The ONS 15600 SDH checks timing frequency synchronization in 83-minute (1 hour and 23 minutes) cycles. The FREQ-MISMATCH alarm occurs if two consecutive timing check cycles show frequency mismatches. The alarm is cleared if one cycle shows a timing frequency match between the TSC cards.

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Re: changing the firmware from Sonet to SDH

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it very much.

I have one TSC card with an SDH firmware(active) and the other has a Sonet firmware (Standby). I believe we are receiving this alarm due to this reason.

My question is, can we change the firmware via software upload to the TSC card?

Re: changing the firmware from Sonet to SDH

This is not a typical situation to have SONET & SDH software loads on the same system.

Typically, when you install a second TSC card in the shelf, it will download the software load running on the active TSC (primary)card. You might just try unseating the standby TSC card and reseating it to see if it will upgrade to the current operating load.

Normally you can upgrade a node remotely through software download. However, I am uncertain how the node will respond due to the mixed SONET/SDH software loads.

Good luck!

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Re: changing the firmware from Sonet to SDH

Thank you very much.

By mistake, they put a Sonet TSC Card in slot 10 as standby. Anyway, we have already changed the TSC card with sonet firmware to one with SDH firmware and the alarm was cleared.

I have another question with regards to E1-42 cards. We have changed cards 3x in two months and we do not know as to why these cards keep failing. We get this message "equipment failure".

Our current setup is on a 15454 shelf, slot 1 and 4 are the working cards and slot 3 is the protection card for both working cards. I have replaced already slot 3 and 4. Then in another time slot 4 again.So how do we go about troublshooting this problem inorder to pinpoint the culprit.

We tried resetting also the TCC2P card.

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Re: changing the firmware from Sonet to SDH

How do we know if the card has a sonet or an sdh firmware?

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