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Circuit creation and sdcc termination

I have two 15454s connected with an oc48 connection. an existing circuit was created from an e1000 (far end) card, I assume through the oc48 connection, and then terminates on a e100t card (this end) which can communicate with everything at the moment. To break this down more, a 7206 is connected to the e1000 card, and other 7206s are connected to the e100 card at this end.

I put an e1000 card in at this end connected to a 7206. I can get the gig connection enabled and on the correct vlan and talking to existing equipment that connects through other oc cards on this end, however it will not communicate with any equipment that has circuits that terminate on the e100 card at this end. I assumed that different circuits that terminated on the same box, regardless of the card terminating on, that they would be able to communicate. Is this not the case?

Another question: If I have an oc48 connecting 2 15454s, is it best practice to create a circuit from oc48 to oc48 or do you have to create the circuits from the cards that have devices connected to the 15454s such as e100 or e1000 cards.

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Re: Circuit creation and sdcc termination

To answer your second question first. The ONS15454 utilizes whats called "A-Z provisioning" feature. Best practice would be to create the circuits from "the cards that have devices connected to the them" such as the E100's or the E1000's. This automatically selects the appropriate STS1's in order for you. However, you do have the option of creating circuits manually if you please by selecting the "manual" option from the circuit creations pane. This allows you to select whatever STS you have available to you and place your circuit on it.

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