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Cisco ONS15454E - Configuration


I want to configure it on the cisco DCT with the following speca can anyone help me to build the product configuration.

  • •5.1.1      SDH multiplexer shall be installed in IT/Telecom room. It shall be capable of transmission and cross-connection of packet based data flows and operate as Terminal or Add/Drop multiplexer.  
  • •5.1.2         The plug-in cards shall be of the following types:

  • STM-64 optical unit
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet unit
  • Gigabit Ethernet rate adaptive unit
  • Optical Gigabit Ethernet with RPR capability
  • Fiber channel
  • Ethernet switch unit.

  • •5.1.3         SDH multiplexer shall have two separate STM-64 modules for connecting with redundant path to Station F. Each direction (East and West) shall be connected to different STM-64 module over L-64.2 interface.
  • •5.1.4         10Gbps STM-64 optical interface be in accordance with ITU-T G.707 and G.957 and have following characteristics: 
    • Bit rate in accordance with ITU-T G.707
    • Optical characteristics in accordance with ITU-T G.957 and G.691
    • Interface: L-64.2 with inline optical power monitoring
    • Control of input jitter and wander shall be in accordance with ITU-T G.825.
    • Control of output jitter shall be in accordance with ITU-T G.825.
    • Characteristics in accordance with ITU-T G.783.
    • Automatic laser shutdown in accordance with ITU-T G.958.

  • •5.1.5         10/100BaseT electrical interfaces shall be in accordance with IEEE 802.3u.
  • •5.1.6         Gigabit Ethernet shall be realized over 1000BaseLX interface. The card shall allow for transport of a gigabit Ethernet signal, guarantee QoS between end points and comply with: IEEE 802.3z, ITU-T G.707, G.783 and G.7042. LX interfaces shall be realized as SFP modules.
  • •5.1.7         Gigabit Ethernet module shall support IOS, RPR and switching capabilities and shall be fully transparent with existing Cisco ONS15454 ML card.
  • •5.1.8         SDH multiplexer shall as minimum support following virtual paths: VC-12, VC-3, VC-4.
  • •5.1.9         Multiplexing, mapping, framing, alignment, adaptation shall be in accordance with ITU-T G.707 and G.783.
  • •5.1.10      SDH multiplexer shall support ring protection scheme in accordance with ITU-T G.803, G.783 and G.841. The switching time shall be less than 50ms.
  • •5.1.11      SDH multiplexer shall support card protection functionality providing restoration of faulty cards to redundant hot-standby cards. 
  • •5.1.12      SDH multiplexer shall support four different sources of synchronization: 
    • STM-N traffic port
    • 2Mbps traffic port
    • External 2048kHz source in accordance with ITU-T G.703 over electrical 120Ohm interface
    • Internal timing generator in accordance with G.813

  • •5.1.13      In case lost of reference clock, two modes of operation of SDH multiplexer shall be available: holdover and free-running. In holdover mode Synchronization Equipment Timing Generator shall hold the frequency of the last valid reference with a maximum drift of 0.37ppm per day. In free-running mode local oscillator shall provide reference clock. The accuracy of the local oscillator shall be 4.6ppm.
  • •5.1.14      Protection:

  • Control and communication unit 1:1
  • Clock reference system: 1+1
  • Cross-connect matrix: 1:1
  • Power supply module 1+1.
  • •5.1.15      Control unit shall communicate with external management system through a standard TCP/IP.
  • •5.1.16      Control unit shall be responsible for applying the configuration requested by the Management system, to report the status of the equipment, send alarm and performance information and to drive automatic protection switching.
  • •5.1.17      Cross connecting shall be non-blocking. Minimum capacity for cross-connects is 384 x 384 VC-4s unidirectional ports (60Gbps).

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