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CTM SysAdmin Password

Is there a way to recover a lost CTM SysAdmin password? The customer is using CTM v8 on a Sun station.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: CTM SysAdmin Password

Hi Randall,

Use this SQL command sequence

this will reset the pwd to Ctm123!

update User_Table set UserLoginDisabled = 0 where UserName ='SysAdmin';

update User_Table set LastLoginTime = Null where UserName = 'SysAdmin';

update User_Table set LOCKEDSTATE = 0 where UserName = 'SysAdmin';

update User_Table set AUTODISABLEINTERVAL = 0 where UserName = 'SysAdmin';

update USER_TABLE set USERPASSWORD = 'F6E839178611157BA182FBED1CAEF056' where

USERNAME = 'SysAdmin';

update User_Table set PASSWORDSETTIME='05/03/2008' where UserName='SysAdmin';


Hope this helps.


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Re: CTM SysAdmin Password

Thanks Joe,

I went through the steps you listed and it appearsd to take properly, but I still can't log into SysAdmin using Ctm123! as the password.

Can you verify the UserPassword string? I went though it 3 time, just to make sure I wasn't mis-typing anything.



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Re: CTM SysAdmin Password

Just wanted to post a follow up. In addition to the login password, there were other things that weren't opperating properly on the box. We restarted the Sun station... and now the CTM password works! Go figure :)

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I followed the SQL command

I followed the SQL command sequence.  Everything appeared to work correctly.

I was able to login using the SysAdmin username and new password.  I tried to change the SysAdmin password and received a notice that I don't have permission to change my password.

What else needs to be done?

BTW, my system is hosted on RHEL, not SUN.  My version is CPO 9.6.

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I managed to change the

I managed to change the SysAdmin password.  After successfully changing the SysAdmin password and logging in, I created a SuperUser account for myself.  Logged out and logged back in as my new account.  I opened the Domain Explorer, then Administration, and Users.  I edited the SysAdmin account password from there.

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