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DWDM Design advice


we have 2 fibers between 2 DCs and we want to use DWDM to have:

- 4x10G IP Links

- 4x8G FC links


I am new in Optical networking and I would like to know what I need to achieve this setup.


The devices that will have a link between Data Centers are Nexus 7706 (with OTV or IP and Layer 2) and the MDS 9148 (FC).


- which hardware I require? Only the ONS?

- Do you recommend the ONS 15454 or 15216?

- I will only need 1 ONS 15454 M2 in each DC or 2 in each DC?

- I will need which type of SFPs on the Nexus 7706 and the MDS 9148 to connect to the ONS? regular 10G-SR or special DWDM SFPs?

- I will require and EDFA to amplify the signal, or the ONS has it already?

- The ONS Needs configuration?

- The type of fiber deployed will affect the ONS decision or the ONS is a standard solution for any dark fiber?


Thanks a lot, and apologies for this basic questions, but this project was not expected to be done by us and we don't have much knowledge.


Thanks for the help.






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Hi,Somebody from Cisco could


Somebody from Cisco could help you in forum but the best way request local Cisco Partner or Cisco Acout\Engineer to help you. To design Optical network used Cisco Transport Planner, it makes specifications and configuration for ONS. Cisco Partner or Cisco Acout\Engineer will request you information:

- fiber type

- fiber lenght

- fiber CD\PMD per km if it posible

- fiber loss per km or reflectometer reports (recomended)

- traffic matrix (you already have)

And then they will calculate design in Cisco Transport Planner, they will provide you BOM for your solution. This is the best way for you.



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