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DWDM solution (inter-connect 3 sites)

Hi, one of my customer request for the DWDM solution to inter-connect 3 of their sites together, being so new to the optical networking, i don't even know what to do, i tried to read through lots of DWDM document and actually it confused me even further.

OK, they want the DWDM so that they can have their storage connected to each other, so I assume the storage end is the fibre in LC type of termination aint it? then my supplier has proposed the Cisco 15454 series for the job...but i saw the 3 units of 15454, why they'll require 12 units of ONS-SE-G2F-LX? What's this module use for?

And if we talking about interconnect 3 sites together, does the 15454 will connect back into my local LAN? I've 2x7206 providing the MPLS the LAN of the 3 sites will connect to the 15454 in what kind of termination?

Hope you guys can lend some helps over here, thanks

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Re: DWDM solution (inter-connect 3 sites)

The ONS-SE-G2F-LX module is the physical layer small form factor pluggable (SFP) interface facing the client equipment. It plugs into a MXP_MR_2.5G card in the ONS 15454 shelf. (Reference )

It is designed to be attached to a 1 or 2 Gbps fibre channel interface. So one would assume they are talking about interconnecting your FC storage devices directly (or via your FC SAN switch) - not via your LANs.

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