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E1/T1 to Fiber Optics

Hello guys!

I am not familiar with Cisco interface cards or modules, thus, I need your assistance.

What Interface card/s or network module/s that convert E1/T1 line to fiber optics? The client is using 2800 Cisco Router Series.

Thank you in advance!

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New Member

Re: E1/T1 to Fiber Optics

We will need some more information before we can provide any info on this. What is your desired end result? What do you need to achieve? What topology? Is it point to point? Is a provider delivering you services over T1 or FO and you need to convert it or....?

New Member

Re: E1/T1 to Fiber Optics

I have a similar question, I want to convert the extended local wiring (50 pair copper) over to the customers fiber. The current problem cabling keeps on taking on hard errors (CRC's framing etc) and is very prone to lightning strikes. Does anyone have a recommendation for a fiber MUX like an Adtran? Or can I use a media converter providing I match it up to the correct fiber type (S/mode M/mode) and connectors SC /ST.The Cisco router is your basic 2621 with a full T1 on straight data WIC. Any help would be appreciated!

Cisco Employee

Re: E1/T1 to Fiber Optics

For one T1 using an ONS is a bit overkill but would work. The T1 could come into the ONS then be transported over fiber. At the other end of the fiber you would have to use another ONS to break out the T1 or use some other type of channelized interface.


T1---ONS---OCn---CH-OCn interface

A pair of ONS 15310-CL's would provide interfaces for 21 T1's and optical speeds up to OC-12.

Another option may be to use a GBIC on the router

T1 [Router] GBIC ---SM/MM fiber--- GBIC [ROUTER] T1

New Member

Re: E1/T1 to Fiber Optics

I have never seen a Cisco product that do manufacter the conversion,I found a couple of vendors that do make the conversion transceivers. Here's one


Re: E1/T1 to Fiber Optics

If you just need to extend the demarcation (router <--> SmartJack / NIU), check out or similar organization for a Fiber T1 Extender, sometimes it's called a Fiber Optic Modem (FOM).

I have a customer that uses them with no problems into everything from 1700s & up.

Good Luck