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Fiber connectivity with ASA

I am having a fiber for internet converted to ethernet using ISP's media convertor . Now that media convertor is not that good and hangs sometimes . Edge equipment is ASA and if I need to put fiber there I would require to puchase SSM-4GE which is quite expensive at the moment for us . I was thinking if I can put the Fiber into Layer 2 switch and  take out an ethernet cable from switch to firewall . Put both those ports into VLAN xxx and put ip address to the firewall .

This solution should work and in this case the L2 switch would become media convertor ( 2960S ) . If this is correct can I use this kind of setup on mass scale ?

Comments please


Fiber connectivity with ASA

Why not have the ISP replace the faulty media converter? The ISP may require the media converter as their demarcation point (hand-off) for their service to your company. 

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Fiber connectivity with ASA

I will need to talk to ISP to check out if they are using the media convertor for any other purpose . But if ISP says that you can pick up that fiber directly and put into ASA/Switch/RTR then I can try that solution right ?

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Fiber connectivity with ASA

Yes you can do that just fine for the purpose you ask.

As far as scale, 2960S (non-compact) models have either 2 or 4 SFP ports so you could do thise for up to four such connections with the right 2960S model.

Hoep this helps.

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