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Gigabit on LAN and WAN


I would like to know if Gigabit ethernet on WAN uses the POS tehcnology ( packet over sonet ) or something else ( what ) ?

What is the maximum speed for gigabit on WAN ?

Concerning the MAN, is it true that Gigabit on MAN uses the DWDM technology or something else which has nothing to do with SONET ?

What is the maximum speed of Gigabit on MAN ?

Could you define the different protocols that we are meeting in the layers OSI 1-4 of Gigabit WAN and Gigabit MAN ?

Thanks for your respons !

Olivier MONTEE.

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Re: Gigabit on LAN and WAN

I am not sure what is your question ?Gig Ethernet does not use POS.Gig Ethernet uses Ethernet technology with 2/8 B Decoding.

Right now we have products of 10G.

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Re: Gigabit on LAN and WAN

GigE is using the same technology as Fiber Channel 8B/10B coding. It is a switched technology 100 MBs or 200 MBs full dup. It can run on Optical or copper. the 1000T uses PAM-5 coding on Cat-5. To get a GigE over distance you will need DWDM to transport a full speed feed. Hope this helps narrow your question.

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Re: Gigabit on LAN and WAN

Packet over Sonet uses various methods for mapping GE traffic into Sonet SPE (Synchronous Payload envelope), namely: PPP, Frame-Relay or HDLC. However the Cisco ONS-15454 product's GE card uses proprietary mapping, that is not compatible with PoS.

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