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IGMP Snooping on the GE_XP card

We have a ring of M6 chassis, equipped with GE_XP cards creating an Ethernet ring.

We are running a ton of multicast across the  network, and have decided to have the GE_XP (xponder cards) do IGMP snooping to reduce the amount of m-cast traffic flooding the network.


When we turn IGMP on (per SVLAN as needed), we do not see the pruning of multicast traffic we would expect.  We would expect that any of the 1G UNI's, that do not have multi-cast receivers, would be pruned (shielded from the large stream of multi-cast traffic). But we see the UNI ports still passing all the Multicast traffic down to the edge switches on all ports.


We have MAC learning disabled on these GE_XP cards.  Do I need MAC learning enabled in order to do IGMP snooping?  Are there any other settings that might affect/stop the GE_XP cards from pruning multi-cast traffic?

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Duplicate posts.  :P Go here:

Duplicate posts.  :P


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