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IPV6 support on ONS 15400



Does anyone know if the Cisco ONS 15400 Series supports IPV6? The account where i'm working wants to migrate to IPV6 and this is one of the devices that I coulnd't confirm if it has support or not.


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Hi,IPv6 Network Compatibility

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HelloMy colleague just passed


My colleague just passed me the version that we are running, one is 9.2.14 and 8.5.1. Your link applies for 9.6 and above, do you know if 9.2 and 8.5 supports IPV6 too? Probably the 9.2 version does, but i'm not sure about 8.5


I couldn't find the configuration guide for these releases, only for 9.6-9.8.

Many thanks for the response and regards.



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Hello, Cisco ONS 15454



Cisco ONS 15454 Reference Manual, Release 8.5.x,  IPv6 Network Compatibility:
(IPv6 is supported on Cisco ONS 15454 DWDM Software R8.0 and later with an external NAT-PT router.)

However, If you need IPv6 Native Support please make upgrade to Cisco ONS 15454 Software R9.0 and later.
Release Notes for Cisco ONS 15454 Release 9.0, IPv6 Native Support

(Cisco ONS 15454 Software R9.0 and later supports native IPv6. ONS 15454 can be managed over IPv6 DCN networks by enabling the IPv6 feature. After you enable IPv6 in addition to IPv4, you can use CTC, TL1, and SNMP over an IPv6 DCN to manage ONS 15454. Each NE can be assigned an IPv6 address in addition to the IPv4 address. You can access the NE by entering the IPv4 address, an IPv6 address or the DNS name of the device. The IPv6 address is assigned only on the LAN interface of the NE. DCC/GCC interfaces use the IPv4 address.)

plus manual IPv6 Network Compatibility + IPv6 Native Support for Rel 9.2:


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Sergey Suharev

Sergey, could you gime your e

Sergey, could you gime your e-mail? I would like to exchange expirience with you regarding vxworks.

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Thanks for the response.I'll

Thanks for the response.

I'll now check if there are hardware requirements to upgrade from 8.5 to 9.X

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