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Issue with G5486 1000Base-LX Modules

Hello all. This may sound strange, but I am having difficulty getting a batch of G5486's working in our Chassie switch. Here's the details:

The switch I'm trying to put them in is a C4507R with current software on it. It's being put in the WS-X4418-GB card that is in the Chassie (18 Port GBIC card). The switch recognizes that the GBIC module is there but I cannot get any type of connectivity to occur, even though I know that the link is good.

Now, I have modules which do work, and their part # is 30-0703-01, but this batch that doesn't work is 30-0703-03. I can't seem to find any indication that a -03 model even exists anywhere, yet I have a whole batch of them. They DO work, however, in my C2950G series switches (24 and 48 port models), just not in the C4507R.

Any thoughts?


Re: Issue with G5486 1000Base-LX Modules


Have you checked up the logs in your 4507 to find out the possible reason for the inactivity on the port ?

Also can you try reversing the Rx/Tx of the Fiber patch cord which is getting to the GBIC ??

have you checked out the activity on the remote port too ? if yes whats ths status available on that port...


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Re: Issue with G5486 1000Base-LX Modules

Yes, according to the 4507, the GBIC module is being detected and shows it as functioning. There doesn't appear to be anything different from it and the working ones. I had also tried reversing the Rx/Tx before, with no sucess. The remote port also shows no activity.

The only thing I can think of is that Cisco specifically designed the 4507 to only work with the 30-0703-01 models, and not the 03.

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If this helps anyone, The 30

If this helps anyone, The 30-0703-01 is a WS-G5486 1000BASE-LX, but the 30-0703-03 is a WS-G5487 1000BASE-ZX

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