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MDS9124 to Brocade4Gb

   I have a Cisco MDS9124(namely 9124a) connected to a brocade4Gb(which is located at the back of a IBM BladeCenter enclosure), both working properly. Now I want to add another MDS9124(namely 9124b) into this existing fabric, and connect this 9124b to 9124a, but failed. Could anyone give some suggestions on this...thanks in advance...Here's the detailed information:

1.  the 9124a is running a system of version 4.2(7), and the 9124b is running a system of version 4.1(3).

2.  The interoperability mode of both the 9124a and the 9124b are configured to mode 1, and the brocade switch is configured as McData's open fabric mode

3.  Both the domain ID for 9124a and 9124b are configured as preferred mode, and no domain ID conflicts. The brocade4Gb SAN switch acts as a principle switch.

4.  9124a and 9124b are connected through a long-distance SFP Transceiver(part No. DS-SFP-FC4G-LW)

The situation is, I can't add 9124b into the existing fabric. Everytime after I physically connect the two 9124 together, the link indicator LED for the connected port on 9124b begins to flash very slowly in green light for about 40 seconds, then turns to yellow again(which means linkage failure). In Device Manager for 9124b, I saw the operation status for that connected port is down, and the cause is: bitErrRTThresExceeded. And in Fabric Manager, I saw a red cross on the link between 9124a and 9124b.

On step 2 and 3 above, after I configured the preffered domain ID and interoperability mode or 9124b, I never performs a disruptive restart(worrying doing this may disrupt the data traffic in the existing fabric).

So what can I do to fix this?


Re: MDS9124 to Brocade4Gb

"I saw the operation status for that connected port is down, and the cause is: bitErrRTThresExceeded"

Couple of questions

1. Since the SFP is long distnace on Single mode Fiber you can go till 10Km. I hope your diatnce is within that limit.

2. Do you have by chance any other pair of SMF which you can try. As i suspect the link is very lossy as it is exceeding the limits. Can be a bend in cable, see if you are using any Multimode patch cable by mistake.

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