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OC Upgrade Question

We're in the process of either upgrading from an OC12 to an OC48 or adding a secondary OC12. Can anyone tell me any additional considerations I need to take into account besides card space and vt matrix space? I'm just trying to ensure I cover all of my bases.


Cisco Employee

Re: OC Upgrade Question

1. Are you considering the MRC card or do you have fixed OC48? Check your cross connect cards. Older XC cards & some fixed optics cards require OC48 cards in high-speed slots. XC10G (and newer XCs) provide support for any-slot OC48.

2. Check you fiber losses and compare against the OC48 card specs.

3. What is the optical architecture and current VT usage? If you are worried about VT consumption, try to aggregate VT cross connects into as few STS as possible.

In general, one OC48 is much better use of slot real estate vs multiple lower rate cards.

Re: OC Upgrade Question

Typically, the automatic upgrade function in the Cisco Management System (CMS) performs this task well.

Make sure to:

-Back-up the databases

-Verify the nodes are operating on the same version software

-Clear open alarms before beginning upgrade procedure

-Verify the new optics cards are compatible with the cross-connect in the shelf and the shelf slot.

-Follow upgrade instructions for the version of software you are operating

Can't think of anything else.

I'm sure others will have input as well.

Good Luck


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