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OC12-LR to OC48IR Migration

I have 3 OC48 Rings and 3 OC12 Rings. One of my OC12 Rings connected to one of my OC48 Rings is out of STS's, which of course effects the way I build VTT's across it as well as anything else using a full STS.

My question is this: We are going to put in OC48-IR-1310 cards in my chassis's that are in that OC12 Ring where I am out of STS cross-connects. Can I just swap out my OC12-LR cards with OC48-IR cards with out it effecting my existing VT's and VTT's configured across that ring?

Basically, will my database on the XCVT's just use the same STS's and VT's that were configured before and just add in the 12 new STS's? Plug-n-Play you might say??

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Re: OC12-LR to OC48IR Migration

This is possible, with caveats. See the ONS 15454 Procedure Guide for your software version ( for the gotcha's. (For release 6.0, it's NTP-A94, page 12-13.)

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Re: OC12-LR to OC48IR Migration

I went thru the links on the page you sent me, but see nothing about upgrading from OC12LR to OC48IR and the procedures required? Can you possibly send me a direct link to this?

Also, I am running a pretty old code version...2.3.3

Thanks for you help.

New Member

Re: OC12-LR to OC48IR Migration


MK I don't think so it's that easy as upgrading a span from lower rate to higher rate. Situation he is mentioning is a Subtended OC-12 Ring (UPSR or BLSR???) from his main OC-48 Ring. Cross Connect matrix needs to be repopulated again, once TCC's notice 48 STS's in that slot in place of 12. And what about the DCC connectivity?

It's my understanding, Nell, that you will need to remap the STS's and VT's again, once you have created a subtended OC-48 Ring off of an OC-48 Ring, establish DCC connections, create Cross connects between the STS's on two rings and then map VT's on the sts's.

MK, correct me If I am wrong?


New Member

Re: OC12-LR to OC48IR Migration


Yes, I would be migrating from an OC-12 UPSR Ring, to a OC-48 UPSR Ring. What I want to get away from is having to remap all my STS's and VT's across those 2 rings. Because, unfortunately, I have another OC-12 Ring that connects to the OC-12 Ring that I will be converting to an OC-48 Ring. So, if you can picture STS's, VTT's, and VT's that cross over an OC-48 Ring, an OC-12 RING, on to the farthest OC-12 Ring, that is what I have. So as you can see, in my center OC-12 Ring, if I were to convert it to an OC-48 Ring and all my existing STS's and VT cross-connect info doesn't just migrate over seemlessly...I am gonna have some major issues. I would have to rebuild all my STS's, VTT's and VT's within those VTT's from the start point of my original OC-48 Ring, which of course would be a huge undertaking as well as taking hundreds of customers down.

Thanks for the help....

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Re: OC12-LR to OC48IR Migration

I'm not sure this action (in place upgrade) is supported on 2.3.3 - that's several years old and the documentation is not even on CCO anymore (at least that I could find). The procedure guide for release 6.0 ( has the following text (excerpted):

NTP-A94 Upgrade OC-N Cards and Spans Automatically


This procedure upgrades cards, two-fiber BLSR spans, four-fiber BLSR spans, UPSR spans, and 1+1 protection group spans. The Span Upgrade Wizard only supports OC-N span upgrades. It does not support electrical upgrades.

(skip section)...

Valid span upgrades include:

•Single-port OC-12 to OC-48

(end of excerpt)

So, it definitely appears to be possible with Release 6.0 (and I would suspect 5.0 and possibly 4.6). You, however are saddled with a pretty minimal functionality CTC version and likely the older TCC cards (as opposed to TCC+ or TCC2).

Even though CTC is generally just a fancy abstraction layer over TL1, figuring out how to do everything via TL1 directly would probably be harder (if even possible) and more fraught with the possibility to mess up things in a big way than taking the service interruption to just do it all as a rebuild on the new spans.

As an aside, I'd strongly recommend making a case for TCC2 cards and getting up on a current software level. This exercise would be a good opportunity to provide some relevant justification for the Capex.

Hope this helps, please rate helpful posts.

New Member

Re: OC12-LR to OC48IR Migration


This is not a simple Span upgrade, Nell is upgrading a subtended OC-12 UPSR to a subtended OC-48 UPSR. Span would normally involve single OC-12/48 card (in case of 2F-UPSR) where as a subtended OC-12/48 UPSR will involve 2 OC-12/48 cards.Cross connect from a "Parent" OC-N STS's to Subtended OC-N STS's (VT's, VTT's) will automatically get updated or not, I tried searching all the CCO and couldn't find answer for it anywhere. Subtended rings have only been discussed in 15327 context off of 15454's.

I would suggest for Nell to ask Cisco TAC about it. It definitely will be a big mess, if he goes along without a definite answer that cross connect will automatically migrate to upgraded OC-N cards.

New Member

Re: OC12-LR to OC48IR Migration

Thanks for all your help...and yes, I agree it will be a big mess. I will definitely get with Cisco on the proper migration procedure, if there happens to be one??

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