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OC3 ring provisioning

Does anyone know where I can find specific steps on building an OC3 cicuit in the 15454 node on a UPSR and BLSR ring? Its taking too long to sift thru all of the manuals and data.


Re: OC3 ring provisioning

Determined that the best way to build this would be to either use DCC tunnels and individual STS-1 circuits creating a virtual network inside the OC192 ring, or to manually provision dual Destination UPSR circuits from the DS1 card to each of the OC3 cards on the OC3 node, then a circuit from the OC192 span to each of the OC3 cards on the OC192 node.

This would allow UPSR protection on the OC3 spans, while allowing flexibility to interconnect to the BLSR ring.

Try this link:


Cisco Employee

Re: OC3 ring provisioning

What ONS software are you using?

The process should be similar for all versions but here is a link to the 7.0 Procedure Guide.

In a nutshell...

1. Click the Circuits tab

2. Click Create. This launches the Circuit Wizard.

3. Choose the circuit type. STS in your case

4. Click Next

5. Enter the Name, Size (STS-3c for OC3c), click Bidirectional, State is IS-AINS

6. Click Next

7. Choose the circuit source

8. Click Next

9. Enter the circuit destination

10. Click Next

11. Click Route Automatically and Fully Protected path

12. Click Finish

If the circuit spans multiple nodes and DCC is not on, then the circuit will have to be built on a common path hop by hop.

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