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ONS 15327 SNMP Interface Stats on STS

We have a client who is asking for per-STS performance stats on a 15327. This would appear to be something we woud get from the Interface MIB but I don't know if it is going to report at that level. We don't currently have access to an ONS of any type. What gets reported as an interface on a 15327 and is there another way (via SNMP) to get this info?


Re: ONS 15327 SNMP Interface Stats on STS


Here are few URLs that talk about performance monitoring in 15327.

I do not know if you can monitor per STS. Do anyone know about how this can be done?

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Re: ONS 15327 SNMP Interface Stats on STS


1. We need SNMP monitoring. This is for CTC. I'd tend to call the data provided error stats, not performance stats, but I'm a router guy and we use different terminology. For example, I've configured a lot of different devices but I've never provisioned anything . The stats referred to in the links are available from the SONET.MIB, DS1.MIB and DS3.MIB all of the which are supported by the ONS.

2. We finally had a chat with the customer who expressed no interest in this. They were more interested in port stats on 6509s which we can do in our sleep. Apparently our sales rep either got a different story or got confused. Sigh! They may be looking for something later.

3. We would be after byte counts per interval as found in the interfaces section of MIB-2 stats. Given that the heat is off for an answer we can wait until we have access to the device and see exactly what comes out of an snmpwalk. The data may be there as ports on the cross-connect or something like that.

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