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ONS-15454 - APC Skipped

Hi All

We have had three events where our OPT-Pre card goes into Alarm and the msg APC correction skipped comes up after either a power shutdown of an adjacent node or if the fiber span is worked on in either case the light becomes completly absent .

Basic correction is to do a force APC correction under the maintenace tab.

TAC advised that the MSG is just to advise that change in 3db has occurred when the Line or adjecent node comes back up. I would like to know if there is a more permenant solution ? since the amp detects changes in levels and automatical adjusts could there be a newer revision of firm ware that we should move to ?


Re: ONS-15454 - APC Skipped

APC corrects the power level only if the variation exceeds the hysteresis thresholds of +/- 0.5 dB. Any power level fluctuation within the threshold range is skipped since it is considered negligible. Because APC is designed to follow slow time events, it skips corrections greater than 3 dB. This is the typical total aging margin that is provisioned during the network design phase. After you provision the first channel or the amplifiers are turned up for the first time, APC does not apply the 3 dB rule. In this case, APC corrects all the power differences to turn up the node.

APC Correction Skipped-APC skipped a correction to one parameter allocated to a port because the difference between the expected and current values exceeds the +/- 3 dB security range.

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