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ONS 15454 MSTP Client Connection Options


Have questions regarding client connection options to ONS 15454 MSTP. FYI, I have experience on ONS 15540 ESPx and I usually connect client to the ONS using transponder like this

ONS 15540 ESPx


I am new to ONS 15454 MSTP and from the reference manual I understand that the it can be configured as hub, passive oadm, anti ase etc. My questions is how does the client get connected to each of this configurations

For example, for a passive or amplified nodes the client connections would be like this

ONS 15454 MSTP


What about hub nodes where mux/demux card are used, where does the client connect,I do understand that these cards have to be used in pairs.

As always,appreciate your expert opinions and if you can point me to a web link that would be even better. Many Thanks.

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Re: ONS 15454 MSTP Client Connection Options

In both cases, the client (assuming it has a non-ITU output) will connect via a transponder or muxponder card. This takes the client signal and converts (with multiplexing in the muxponder case) the client signal into an ITU wavelength.

On the MSTP, the ITU port on the transponder/muxponder is then physically patched into the appropriate port on either ROADM, OADM or Mux/Demux cards.

To directly answer your question, on a hub node equipped with Mux/Demux cards, the Tx from the Transponder is connected to the Mux card, and the Rx connected to the Demux. Likewise, at the node where the wavelength is dropped (eg at an OADM site), there will be an equivalent transpoder connected to the OADM module (Tx and Rx at wavelength xyz).

The transponders/muxponders may be in the same shelf, separate shelves, or you may use a direct ITU connection from devices such as a DWDM GBIC, an SDH DWDM card or 10GE XENPAK from Catalyst 6500.

As long as you have designed the network to take the appropriate interface types into account, you should be fine.

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Re: ONS 15454 MSTP Client Connection Options

Okay,its clear to me now. Thanks :)

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