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ONS 15454 MSTP & SNMP for MRTG

I can't find regular oid for optical power and span loss. I need them for mrtg statistics.


Re: ONS 15454 MSTP & SNMP for MRTG

SNMP access is used for collecting the IOS data plane events, alarms and statistics of the ML series card. All the SNMP events and traps defined on the ML card are reported to the TCC card's SNMP agent by default

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Re: ONS 15454 MSTP & SNMP for MRTG

I have not found an SNMP value for span loss but you may be able to calculate it as the difference between the transmit power and rceive power across a span. You may want to look at cOpticalParameterValue and cMsDwdmIfTransportPower as the base OIDs for ports on OPT-BST, OPT-PRE, and MXPP cards. So far for me the values are matching up with those presented in CTC. I'm running sw version 8.5 so things may be different if you are running a significantly different version. To see RX power I add on to the base OID... cOpticalParameterValue.%inst%.1.1 . It is similar for TX and laser bias power etc. TX power = cOpticalParameterValue.%inst%.2.1 . Bias= cOpticalParameterValue.%inst%.2.5 .

I hope this helps!

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