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ONS 15454 STS Limits

I know the ons 15454 has a limit of 24 STS connections, but is there any easy way to determine if you have reached that limit. We are trying to use another ds3 port on an existing card and are getting errors that we are unable to provision any more circuits. I just want to determine if we are at our threshold for STS connections and how to determine which cards are using how many STS connections.

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Re: ONS 15454 STS Limits

At the node view, Click Maintenance > Cross-Connect (or similar) then the Resource Usage tab. This will show the XC resource usage.

As for the 15454 cross connect limits. That is driven by the cross connect card as follows:

XC-VT - 144 STS bidirectional cross-connects

XC-10G - 576 STS bidirectional cross-connects

XC-VXC - 576 STS bidirectional cross-connects

What software version?

What DS3 card(s)?

What OCn card(s)?

What does your circuit mapping look like?

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Re: ONS 15454 STS Limits

The software version that I am running does not seem to have cross connect under the maintenance tab. I'm running 2.2.2 on XC-VT cards. The DS3 cards are 2 DS3XM-6's and 2 DS3-12's. OCn is two OC12-ID-1, 2 OC3-IR-4. Not sure how to get the circuit mapping info.

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Re: ONS 15454 STS Limits

Yeah. That feature was not in 2.2.2. You can click the Circuits tab and review the existing circuits port by port. This is a manual process of looking at each card/port for STS usage. There should be one STS to each DS3 port and up to 12 on each OC12. If you think there are unused STS's then there may be stranded bandwidth.

What topology is used by the OC12 interfaces? UPSR/BLSR/1+1?

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