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I am getting SNMP traps from our Cisco Cerent ONS 15454 . See below

Generic: 6; Specific: 5120; Enterprise: .;


[1] (OctetString): 20090404035108D

[2] (Integer): notAlarmedNonServiceAffecting

[3] (Integer): ne

[4] (Integer): 1

[5] (Integer): 0

[6] (Integer): unknown

[7] (Integer): 0

[8] (OctetString): SYSTEM

[9] (Integer): notAlarmed

[10] (Integer): transient

[11] (Integer): nonServiceAffecting

[12] snmpV2.snmpModules. (IpAddress): 192.168.*.*

Any idea why we are getting the alarms??



Re: ONS DWDM Error


Long Descr.:

"Logout of User"


1: cerent454NodeTime

Syntax="Display String"

Descr="Indicates current local time as reflected by

the Cisco OTBU equipment. The format this scalar is

YYYYMMDDhhmmss{S/D}. E.g.,

20011103133453D means 1:34:53 PM PDT on 03/Nov/2001

19990614095436S means 9:54:36 AM PST on 14/Jun/1999.

If the last octet is S then the time is standard time.

Otherwise it is D to indicate it is daylight saving

time, if applicable"

2: cerent454AlarmState


Descr="Specifies alarm severity and service

affecting status ( SA/NSA ). Only

{minor|major|critical}+{NA|NSA} alarms and

standing conditions will be represented here."

3: cerent454AlarmObjectType

Syntax="Cerent454EntityClass (Integer) "

Descr="This will indicate what is the type

of the entity which raised this alarm.

( E.g., DS3, etherBridge, VT-TERM, etc )

The NMS is expected to use this value

to decide which table to poll for

further info about the alarm"

4: cerent454AlarmObjectIndex


Descr="Every alarm is raised by an object and

this object is an entry in a specific

table. This is the index of the object

in that table E.g., if the alarm is interface

related, this index is the index of the

interface in the interface table."

5: cerent454AlarmSlotNumber


Descr="This will indicate what is the slot

of the object which raised this alarm.

If not relevant to the alarm, will be


6: cerent454AlarmPortNumber


Descr="This will indicate what is the port

of the object which raised this alarm."

7: cerent454AlarmLineNumber


Descr="This will indicate what is the port

of the object which raised this alarm.

If not relevant to the alarm, will be


8: cerent454AlarmObjectName

Syntax="Display String"

Descr="TL1-style user-visible name which uniquely

identifies an object in the system"

9: cerent454AlarmSeverity


Descr="Specifies severity of the alarm

being sent out."

10: cerent454AlarmStatus


Descr="Represents if the alarm is currently raised

or cleared."

11: cerent454AlarmServiceAffecting


Descr="Specifies whether the alarm that is being

sent out is Service Affecting (SA) or Non-

Service Affecting (NSA)."

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Re: ONS DWDM Error

Your second posting notes the condition that is being reported as "logout of User". according to the Cisco ONS 15454 DWDM Reference Manual, Release 9.0

Appendix B, Administrative and Service States (see, that condition is noted as follows:


The Admin Logout of User (ADMIN-LOGOUT) condition occurs when the administrator logs off a user session.

This transient condition does not result in a standing condition.

So, that's what's being reported to your network management station. It is a transient condition and not generally useful except in auditing situations. You should be able to suppress or filter it from being displayed without affecting operations or management of your system.

Hope this helps. Please rate this post if it does.

Re: ONS DWDM Error


thanks from your reply. I am more interested in the first posting. I need to work out what the sting MIB sting "Enterprise: ." means. so far i have worked out, the traps above is relating to a port number on one of the slot on the ONS but the traps doesnt provide enough information as to what the problem is with the port..

I have looked at the CERENT-454-MIB, but dont have enough information to know the root of the problem.

Please help.


New Member

Re: ONS DWDM Error


I hope this helps you…

I think your first reply and mklemovitch's reply describe the trap.

I believe the root cause is a user has logged off the chassis. That happens every time someone disconnects CTC (Cisco Transport Controller) and possibly other management tools you may be using. I see these daily and analyzed it a long time ago. :-)

Also, Object ID . is type “Object Identity” with name…


And the description is “Place holder for all notifications of Cisco ONS 15454”. It is a partial object.

I believe the full object is . “”.

It is just indicating that a user has logged out. It looks to me like most Cerent traps include a number of variable bindings whether they are useful to you or not. The following 3 variables show that it is not an issue with a port but relates to the “SYSTEM”.

[5]… cerent454AlarmSlotNumber.1.5120 (Integer): 0

[6]… cerent454AlarmPortNumber.1.5120 (Integer): unknown

[8]… cerent454AlarmObjectName.1.5120 (OctetString): SYSTEM

… with .0.5120 appended to likely reference the parent trap ID but I'm assuming that.

Re: ONS DWDM Error

thanks guys...

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