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ONS15540 ESCON Application

I have an ONS15540 running with several applications on it. One of them is ESCON with a 15500-XVRA-01A2 module. My link between the two systmes is close to 85 Km.

As the IBM manager configures the ESCON application, he only can travel on one sense (A to B) but not on the reverse. He is configurating the IBM systems as CNC and CTN as the manuala says, but as I wrote above, he only can reach to the opoite site on the configuration CTC to CNC.

I am ussing a the Mux/Demux module 15540-MDXC-04C0, where I'm pleacing differnt signals as FiberChannel and GigEthernt on differt channels.

Checking the Cisco's Design Guide, for this ESCOn application just mention that the distance affects the performance on a 50% about after 9 Km, but there is no more information.

I was thinking about the power between IBM and ONS, because the technical specifications specify that an attenuator must be added to the TX when is conected to the IBM.

Can someone help me with this applications


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Re: ONS15540 ESCON Application

Any luck on this yet?

Client side optical layer:

Using the 15500-XVRA-01A2 SFP, there is no need to attenuate the Tx as it is a low-power transmitter.

Tx power is -15dBm and the ESCON Rx overload should be around -14dBm so should be fine.

Are you using 62.5/125 MM patch leads? Have you checked power levels at the Rx ends?

Trunk side optical layer:

How is your Rx level on the trunk/wave interface? Are all interfaces up/up?

Application layer:

ESCON will suffer significant performance degradation over this distance (less than 3MB/s) but should still work unless there a problem due to the latency of the link.

What status does the host give for the interfaces in question?

Do IBM support a CTC connection over this distance?

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