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OSM for GE vs. Non-OSM GE

In a Cat65xx configuration for GE links, LAN and WAN, is the OSM module superior/required vs. the 6408GE card with appropriate GBICs? The OSM provides some configuration/administrative benefits, but will the 6408GE work as well, particularly on the WAN?


Re: OSM for GE vs. Non-OSM GE

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Re: OSM for GE vs. Non-OSM GE

Here are the differences between GE OSM, and regular NON-GE OSM (Catalyst):

GE WAN will do MPLS within the PXF complex, and this you only get 4 ports, and can only do linerate on 2 ports. You can shape in egress, and do DSS on these ports. These can be L3 only.

GE LAN ports are PXF enabled, and can not do MPLS. You can police on these ports in ingress, and you can run linerate across many more ports. The

prices are drastically different. These ports can be L2 or L3.

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