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Plug types on AC Power Cables


I am trying to confirm what plug types come installed on the following power cables for the 15454 and the AC/DC rectifier.  I can't find the information anywhere in the Cisco docs (so far).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

AC Power Cable for 110V AC North America:     CSCO-PWR-CBL-NA1

AC Power Cable for 220V AC North America:     CSCO-PWR-CBL-NA2

AC power cable ANSI 110VAC right exit:  15454-M-ACCBL-R=

AC power cable ANSI 220VAC right exit:  15454-M-ACCBL-R2=



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Re: Plug types on AC Power Cables

We have used a lot of these power supplies with the M12 they are very good but we made our own DC and Alarm cables up because the ones supplied by Cisco were over engineered I have piles of them here still in boxes!

I think the CSCO-PWR-CBL-NA1 has a NEMA 5-15P Style Plug and the CSCO-PWR-CBL-NA2 has a NEMA 6-20P Style Plug, both these cables are hard wired into the PSU so only have a plug on one end, think they are over 3 meters long.

Sorry don't know about the other two part numbers think they are for the M6 chassis which dont need external PSU as they have integral AC PSU but at a guess they will have the same plugs on as the other ones above .

Make sure you install all four mains leads even if you are only using 2 rectifiers to start with because to add them later means removing the whole PSU from the rack and invariably will mean a full outage

Just found this in the hardware install guide for the M6 chassis:

Go to DLP-G571 Connect Office Power (AC) to ONS 15454 M6 Shelf

Then scroll down a bit to Figures 5-39, 5-40 & 5-41 which shows the connector at the M6 end.

If you download the pdf its on page 333.

Check out the table 5-1 PIDs for AC Cables on page 335 as well.

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Plug types on AC Power Cables

I am reminded of a recent good blog post on power cable types:

More general than the specific question posed but still useful information.

Hope this helps.

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