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ports for rs-dcc

Hi again.I've started a conversation but it seems i haven't been so clear and , for my luck i was able to find some solutions.Anyway now i have a problem in deploying an optical ring of 3 ons 14544 sdh dwdm because i can't create rs-dcc termination.The wizard does not show me the ports available to provision with rs-dcc termination and for this reason i cannot create neither dcc and also some provisionable patchcord.Hope i've been more clear this time and please help!


Re: ports for rs-dcc

Hi, you can't create DCC on a 15454 DWDM node. DCC exists only on SDH nodes. On DWDM you have to create OSC terminations. It does more or less the same thing. OSC (Optical Service Channel) transports the management information between DWDM nodes.

To create OSC terminations in CTC, go to Comm. Channels and then OSC tab.

After creation of the OSC, you should be able to create OCHNC and OCHCC circuits and also patchcords.

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Re: ports for rs-dcc

Ok. I've allready created osc cause i can configure remote the other nodes.My problem is that i can create only ochnc which i can upgrade them to ochcc an trails.No ppc and no ochcc after i've created osc just ochnc an a big error "incoming payload signal absent" on my rx com port from opt-bst. Thanks for the advice

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