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SONET - Framed & Unframed Configs

Dear Friends,

I have configured a Channelised STM (With Respect to E1 2048 kbps, i.e 63 E1s or serial sub-interfaces) on cisco 7613 router. SONET port is properly reflecting as channelised now.

The view of serial sub-interfaces after channelising is like this. Latest log captured from router for two serials .

interface Serial1/0/0.1/1/1/1:0

no ip address


interface Serial1/0/0.1/1/1/2:0

no ip address

But I have some confusion about configs. Lets take few examples.

Eg No. 1 --> If I have to configure 512k for customer on Serial Interface “Serial1/0/0.1/1/1/1:0”. Then my querry is , how can i make E1 as framed and after making E1 as framed (for 512k) what about rest bandwidth on that channelised serial i.e 2048k-512k = 1536k is that wasted or can we use it for some other customer as carry forward bandwidth (sort of) & Would it affect next serial interface configs. If anyone have working configs then please share.

Eg No 2 --> If I need to configure a customer for 6 Mb. Then how to make bundle of Channelised serial interfaces. ( as for providing the requested bandwidth we need to bundle 3 Serial Channelised serial interfaces). For better understanding Kindly share working scenerio…Pls.



Re: SONET - Framed & Unframed Configs

see the following lnik,


In STM 1 card you get only E1 (you cannot configure framed E1 i.e less than E1). You can do that in Channelized T1/E1 card.


Youcan bundle upto 12E1 in a bundle. For commands look for create multilink bundlein thelink above.

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Re: SONET - Framed & Unframed Configs


In regards to the previous answer (1), yes you can have only 8 timeslots assigned to that interface and have the other 24 for other interface. You just have to configure:

controller AU-4-TUG-3 1/0/0.1/1

mode c-12

tug-1 1 e1 1 channel-group 0 timeslots 1-8

So the next Serial interface can be created as:

tug-1 1 e1 1 channel-group 1 timeslots 9-31

The second question, I think the best would be to bundle them at layer 2 level (by using PPP Multilink or Frame-relay Multilink) regardles of the fact that this interfaces are channelized.


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Re: SONET - Framed & Unframed Configs

@ lucasiglesias ,

Thanks , But as mentioned:-

tug-1 1 e1 1 channel-group 1 timeslots 9-31

...Is that Tug-2 or Tug-1 . I suppose this should be Tug-2.

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