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TCC2P install

can these be hot swapped? they are replacing 2 TCC+ cards

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Re: TCC2P install

If the current software is 4.1 or better, then yes. The procedure in a nutshell.

1. Check the LED on the faceplate. The ACT/STBY LED on the faceplate of the TCC+ card indicates whether the card is in active or standby mode. A green ACT/STBY LED indicates an active card and an amber light indicates a standby card.

2. Remove the STBY TCC+ card.

3. Install the TCC2P card.

4. In CTC node view, Ldg (loading) appears on the newly installed TCC2/TCC2P card.

The MEA (card mismatch) alarm appears because CTC recognizes a mismatch between TCC card types. Disregard this alarm; it clears by the end of the procedure.

It takes approximately 10 minutes for the active TCC+ card to transfer the system software and database to the newly installed TCC2P card. During this operation, the LEDs on the TCC2P card flash Fail and then the active/standby LED flashes. When the transfer completes, the TCC2P card reboots and goes into standby mode after approximately three minutes. Do not remove the card from the shelf during a database transfer.

5. When the newly installed TCC2P card is in standby, right-click the active TCC+ card in CTC.

6. From the pull-down menu, click Reset Card.

Wait for the TCC+ card to reboot. The ONS 15454 switches the standby TCC2P card to active mode. The TCC+ card verifies that it has the same database as the TCC2P card and then switches to standby.

7. Verify that the remaining TCC+ card is now in standby mode (the ACT/STBY LED changes to amber).

8. Physically replace the remaining TCC+ card with the second TCC2P card.

This raises the IMPROPRMVL alarm, which clears when the upgrade is complete.

The ONS 15454 boots up the second TCC2P card. The second TCC2P card must also copy the database. Do not remove the card from the shelf during a database transfer.

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Re: TCC2P install

thanks for the help! all went well, cards were replaced with no issues...

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