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The Cisco MDS 9000 Port Analyzer Adapter


At my client place, we are having an issue with BackUp via TSM and a library.

We would like to analyse the traffic that pass in the Fiber Channel of our MDS-9513.

From what we saw, Wireshark, our soft to analyse network traffic is only using NIC card to analyse.

Is the only way to analyse the FC traffic to pass via "The Cisco MDS 9000 Port Analyzer Adapter" ?

If that is the only way, is there a way tor ent this equipment for the time necesery to analyse our trace ?

Thank you in advance for you help.

Christian Carrier


Re: The Cisco MDS 9000 Port Analyzer Adapter

The Cisco Traffic Analyzer provides real-time analysis of SPAN traffic or analysis of captured traffic through a Web browser user interface. Traffic encapsulated by one or more Port Analyzer Adapters can be analyzed concurrently with a single PC and ntop, which is public domain software enhanced by Cisco for Fibre Channel traffic analysis. This Cisco Traffic Analyzer solution enables you to quickly determine the throughput for traffic between specific Fibre Channel sources and destinations, all traffic in a particular Virtual SAN (VSAN), or all network traffic. Round trip response times, SCSI I/Os per second, SCSI read vs. write traffic throughput and frame counts, SCSI session status and management task information are provided. Additional statistics are also available on Fibre Channel frame sizes and network management protocols.

For further information click this link.

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