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New Member

Troubleshooting ONS 15216 EDFA 2

Part of my job is to troubleshoot equipment that comes in from the field. I recently received an EDFA 2. The boot file is corrupt and continuously tries to boot to it. I have factory defaulted everything, and I have access to the ASH shell.

Unfortunately, I can not access the EDFA via LAN port. Is there any other way to fix the boot file without having a TFTP server set up?

Cisco Employee

Re: Troubleshooting ONS 15216 EDFA 2

If the primary image fails to boot, the ONS 15216 EDFA2 boots the second image. If both fail, the ONS 15216 EDFA2 continues to try to alternately boot the images unsuccessfully.

If this occurs, the cause could be either corrupt or incomplete images, or incorrectly addressed or named boot entries. Follow the instructions below to correct these problems.

Note: If the ONS 15216 EDFA2 firmware is not version 2.3.14 or greater and the software has not been upgraded to 2.1.0 or greater, the CISCO15 user resets to read_write access level, not read_write_admin, which has full administrative control. Contact the Cisco TAC for assistance.

Step 1 Connect to the RS-232 (EIA/TIA-232) port.

Step 2 Open HyperTerminal. (HyperTerminal can be found in the Microsoft Windows Accessories menu.)

Step 3 While the dots are present in the HyperTerminal window during the reboot process, enter Ctrl C on the


The ONS 15216 EDFA2 should boot from the firmware image. The prompt is %.

Step 4 At the hostname prompt, enter the following command within 60 seconds of rebooting:

hostname:edfaboot% login CISCO15

hostname:edfaboot% password

Step 5 At the hostname prompt, enter the following command:

hostname:edfaboot% ffs file list

Determine which image files are present. Ensure that there is enough space on the FFS for two images and that the images are complete. The 2.0.1 image should be 1,683,299 bytes, the 2.1.0 image should be 2,021,467 bytes, and the 2.2.1 image should be 1,963,195 bytes. See the 2.3.0 Release Notes for the 2.3.0 image file size. Use the ffs file delete command to remove any unwanted files as needed. Use the network host ftp command to download new images as needed.

Step 6 At the hostname prompt, enter the following command:

hostname:edfaboot% srom cfg boot display

Check that the entries are complete and accurately reflect the image file names. Use the srom cfg boot modify command to correct the boot entries as needed.

Step 7 When the problems with the images and boot entries have been completed, enter the following


hostname:edfaboot% processor reset

The ONS 15216 EDFA2 should boot up properly. If not, use this procedure again to correct any remaining problems.

Also try making a config change a force a file update.

Change IP address:

ash:hostname:ONS15216 EDFA2> snmp row set local cerent15216EdfaSromIpMgmtGroup

Save Config:

ash:hostname:ONS15216 EDFA2> snmp attribute set local cerent15216EdfaOpSaveConfig perform


processor reset


New Member

Re: Troubleshooting ONS 15216 EDFA 2

Thanks for the reply Tony.

Up to this point I had already done what you described. I deleted the corrupt image and reset the processor. I assigned a temporary ip address and default gateway. However, setting up anything with TFTP or FTP isn't possible because I can't communicated via LAN port.

My laptop shows a connection when I use a shielded RJ-45, but I can't ping the EDFA 2 and no packets are being received by my laptop from the EDFA. Is there a way to put a boot image onto the EDFA with a serial cable?

If you need any technical information I can get into the ASH shell and find it for you.



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