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Unable to configure ML-MR Card

I have an ML-MR 10 card.  I cannot figure out how to get the ONS 15454 to recognize it.  I insert the card.  I then the card and right click.  I go to Ethernet and there is not an ML-MR Card.   There is a ML1000 and an ML1000T.   I really am not sure how to install and configure this card.  I just need to get the card working to test some SFP's

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Cisco Employee

Unable to configure ML-MR Card


What types of XC cards to do you have in slots 8 and 10. ML-MR is only compatible with XC10G and XC-VXC-10G cards. Also what software version are you running on the TCC's?

Community Member

Unable to configure ML-MR Card

I appreciate your reply... I an XCVT in slot 8 and 10.  The card in slot 8 is green the card in slot 10 is yellow.   Now I am able to right clikc the ML-MR card. I went to ethernet and clicked on ML1000.   I see now that it needs a configuration file.  Not sure what to do next  I only need this card up so that I can insert some SFP's to see if they are compatible.....

Cisco Employee

Unable to configure ML-MR Card


Just wanted to clarify you were able to add the ML-MR card now correct? In order to get into the card via the IOS selection in the card view you want to following the below steps...

1. open notepad in windows

2. paste the following in notepad

hostname router1

enable secret cisco

line vty 0 4

password cisco


3. save the file on your desktop (i.e. ML.txt)

4. Go back into CTC and go to the card

5. click on IOS startup config

6. Select Local-->TCC

7. Browse to and select the .txt file you saved on your desktop

8. Click Yes on the prompts that come up

9. Right click on the ML card and click reset

10. Once it is done reloading you should be able to login to the IOS with cisco as both your user and enable password.

11. From there just enable the ports(no shutdown) you plan on plugging your SFP's into

12. Loop back port with fiber and verify port comes up.

Hope this helps. Good luck. Let me know how it works out for you.



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