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0 out didn't ring the operator

I got a problem here. when press 0 to reach operator from unity, it goes to the voice mail instead of ring the phone. i didn't use operator call handler, instead just use subscriber on the input ID.

i have checked two things:

1. on the operator setting, ring extension is checked

2. on the call handler 0 caller input, I have attempt transfer enabled.

Bye, if choose operator call handler and ring the extension. It works.

why use subscriber directly didn't work?

Unity 4.03 VM only.

Cisco Employee

Re: 0 out didn't ring the operator

I'm not real clear on your description here...

So, you say if you dail the extension number assigned to the operator call handler directly from the opening greeting it'll ring the phone OK? But if you set a one key action from another call handler to go to the "Attempt transfer for" that same operator call handler then it doesn't ring the phone?

If that description is correct I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working - there's no difference in dialing an extension number assigned to a call handler than using a one key link to the "attempt transfer for" on that same call handler - the same conversation (PHTransfer) gets loaded with the same call handler, it should behave exactly the same.

You may be dealing with two different handlers (i.e. the extension you're dialing is actually assigned to a different call handler than the one you have the one key mapped to) - I've seen this on sites before... beyond that I don't know what else to suggest.

New Member

Re: 0 out didn't ring the operator

Kind of like that with a little bit different.Let me reclarify my question:

Opening greeting:

If "0" is associated with operator call handler and operator call handler sets ringing the operator phone .In this case, no problem to ring the operator phone.

But if I assign the "0" to a subscriber(operator) instead of assigning it to operator call handler, then phone won't ring instead going to the voice mail.Btw, I have the following configured.

1. on the operator setting, ring extension is checked

2. I have attempt transfer enabled on "0", for sure it's not sending to greeting.


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