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0 out of Directory Handler

Does any one know if I can change the 0 out option from the Directory Handler? It routers me to the Operator Handler and I can't delete the Operator Handler. I don't see an option on the Directory Handle to change caller input.

Cisco Employee

Re: 0 out of Directory Handler

You can adjust the exit destination (i.e. where you go with no input or when the user bails out by hitting *) but the 0 key is currently not adjustable via the SA anywhere, it's set to go to the operator call handler regardless.

Not sure why you would want to delete the operator call handler, I'm a bit puzzled by the comment. What would this accomplish? You can certainly edit the operator call handler to do anythign you wan there but be aware this is the default 0 destination for all call handlers and subscribers (although it can be edited for those).

What, excatly, are you wanting it to do when the user hits 0?

Community Member

Re: 0 out of Directory Handler

I don't need to delete the Operator Handler. I just thought it would sovle my problem. When the user hits 0 I want it to ignore the key or do nothing or hang up on the user. Which ever I can make work. The customer just doesn't want there users to be able to transfer to the operator.

Cisco Employee

Re: 0 out of Directory Handler

Well... if you don't mind getting a little hacky, you can make this happen...

First, create a call handler to act as your operator handler.

Set all the call handlers and subscribers "0" key to map to this handler instead of the default Operator call handler. You can use the BulkEdit utility to do this quickly for all handlers and subscribers. Be sure to also change your templates such that new handlers and subscribers you create later use this new operator handler instead of the default one.

Change the behavior of the operator call handler... just hanging up seems pretty rude and abrupt. I would set the alternate transfer rule to be active and set it to not transfer but go right to the greeting. Then set the alternate greeting rule to be active and set it to "blank" and set it's after greeting action to "send to greeting for" the "Say goodbye" call handler. By using both the alternate transer and alternate greeting rules active you gurantee all access to this handler will go through that route, no worries about schedules and the like.

The effect of this will be that when users 0 out of the directory handler they will hear "if you'd like to try an extension you may do so now... goodbye" and then we'll hang up. You can go with whatever you want, of course, but this seems like a nice way to handle it.

A little messy around the edges but this should work.

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