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100 percent bandwidth usage

I have two 2 Cisco 2821-VK/9 routers between 2 offices. The connection between the 2 is a 2 Meg diginet line.

When ever I copy a file between the two sites that is more than 1 Gb in size, the bandwidth usage is 100 % and it takes a very long time to complete.

Could you please advice what I should do.



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Re: 100 percent bandwidth usage

Increase bandwidth.

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Re: 100 percent bandwidth usage

How long is very long?

If the file is 1 GB (gigbyte) in size, assuming you could transfer it at 2 Mbps, that would take over an hour (1 GB = 8,000 Mb / 2 Mbps / 60 sec/min = 67 minutes).

Actual transfer time would be longer due to L2/L3 overhead, and even longer it there's other traffic on link and/or there are packet drops.

Besides more bandwidth, you might decrease time if data is precompressed and/or there's repeat data caching on both sides (e.g. WAAS).


Re: 100 percent bandwidth usage

Hi Cyril,

I'll assume since you're posting in the UC section that your question in some way relates to voice/video traffic on that link and perhaps not just to the length of time taken to copy large files.

you might want to consider implemented a QoS policy on your network if there isn't one already in place.

You can start with some light reading here.

It won't make your 1Gb files copy faster but it can help stop them choking off your other network traffic.



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