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1760 CME Incomming call fail

Hi all,

I have 2 problems I'm not able to understand..

Incomming Calls on ISDN BRI only are transfered to IP-Phone if it ist tagged Type:National, but when I receive an call tagged Type:International the caller only gets the CME dial-Tone.

But logs show that both calls have dialed the same number and extension.

Whats wrong?

2. Problem

Why incomming calls are displayed without leading prefix.

sorry for poor english.

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Re: 1760 CME Incomming call fail

Hi ,

maybe you are in germany. If so the second problem is because the isdn network just strips the leading 0. So if you want to see it you have to use an incoming translation rule like:

translation-rule 1

rule 1 ^. 0

For the first problem I´ve no idea. What makes the problem with international, calling or called number? If it is the called number may be the international number format does not match. However I´ve cme running on 3640 IOS 12.3(4)T and as I remember I´ve been also called from other countries but as you know: no problem no invetsigation



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Re: 1760 CME Incomming call fail


yes I'm im Germany.. Is translation-rule the only way to add the leading 0 ? Is there a way to tell the router to add two leading 0 if type is international?

I understand that I can use the length of caller ID to do this, but if I show my log i can see national numbers with 11 digits (i.e.Calling Party Number i = 52518718xxx) and an incomming call (i.e. Calling Party Number i = 0x1181, '34918476xxx') so how can I tell the router to add one leading 0 or two if necesary?

And to the frist problem I still have no idea what is going wrong.. I can see the call comes in but the call is not transferred to any IP-Phone.

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Re: 1760 CME Incomming call fail


try this translation rule. I cannot test now by myself but didn´t want to wait with the answer. So please give me a feedback if it works.

translation-rule 1

rule 1 ^. 00 international international

rule 2 ^. 0 national national

For the other problem it would be helpful to get


debug isdn q931

debug isdn events detail


debug dialpeer


show run | begin telephon



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