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1760 Router/VIC-2FXO cards

For local dialing access I have the above configured in my IPCC 6.0 Enterprise environment currently using H.323. This combination is used for local outbound calling only.

I have to add this combination to a new remote site (that has 8 existing local analog lines coming into the building)with the following requirements:

- local outbound calling

- local inbound calls to specific numbers

- would like to configure using MGCP (support for MGCP has been added to Call Manager for the 1760 router)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know if I need to add more information.


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Re: 1760 Router/VIC-2FXO cards

Not sure exactly what the question is, but you should not have any issues as long as you have enough capacit (FXO) ports on your router. The only issue with FXO lines and IPCC is that you will not get ANI info (only CLID if M1 card is used), so if you need to do any area code routing within your call center that will not work.


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Re: 1760 Router/VIC-2FXO cards

I have 8 existing analog lines that are in use by administrative staff at the remote location. We want to move these lines over to be handled by our call managers so that both outbound and inbound calls can happen through the 1760's to/from the specific user assigned to a specific analog line. I guess I am looking for

- has anyone done this

- any config information on MGCP specific to configuration for inbound traffic. We know how to configure for outbound as we already do that.

I spent time this morning on the blackhole of a website trying to find configuration information with very little success.


Re: 1760 Router/VIC-2FXO cards

im thinking here that you want to have "dedicated" lines for users (analog). if thats the case then im thinking that you will have to create different partitions and calling serach spaces to dedicate a specific port to a specific user for calls going out and coming in. to deidicate a specific line for an incoming call i use PLAR to that phone. not too sure if this helps.

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