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2.4.6 re-install

as a result of a need to upgrade our mail server to exchange 2000 before we have time to upgrade our unity I have come to the following solution. Can someone advise on whether or not this is sensible/feasible.

Our current setup has us setup in Voice mail only mode with everything stored in an exchange 5.5 server on the unity box, however the server is in the same site.

what I propose to do is to reduce the risk of any problems during the upgrade by uninstalling unity and re-installing it on the same box with the exchange server that holds the voicemail being in a seperate site to our main mail server so that the two are not aware of each other.

this should allow me to upgrade the main mail server to exchange 2000 withouth worrying about the unity box.

Does this sounds like a good way of doing things. Also what issues would i need to look out for when doing the reinstall of the unity stuff (do i need to uninstall first for example).



New Member

Re: 2.4.6 re-install

Hey Pete, will have all the tools you need to prepare 2.4.6 before uninstalling it. I imagine you will have to check the consistency of the DB by walking it.

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