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2 CUE NM in one router with CME

Is it possible to have additional 1x NM-CUE-EC to the existing CME router with 1x NM-CUE? If yes, how do we define which extension goes to which CUE module? should the extensions number be in sequence?

Please share your experience. Thank you in advanced

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Re: 2 CUE NM in one router with CME

Interesting question. I would think that if you have an available NM slot you should be able to insert another CUE (not sure if it is supported), and simply as you said define different ranges of ephones that are handled by each, so you can define your sip dial-peer to point to the correct CUE.


Re: 2 CUE NM in one router with CME

Even though it will work with two NM's in a router, such a configuration is not supported by Cisco. Only one module is supported per chassis. Also, think about specifiying voicemail pilot. Under telephony-service you can only specify one number. If you have two voicemail modules, you will have two pilot numbers, but you wont be able to specify two pilot number under telephony-service mode.


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Re: 2 CUE NM in one router with CME

Thank you all for your response. The keyword here is that the configuration is not supported by Cisco. I may explore this option only in the lab (if i have the luxury of it).

Have a nice day.

Re: 2 CUE NM in one router with CME

Here is some supporting documentation that states that multiple CUE modules are not supported.

The document definitely says (upto CME 3.2 and CUE 2.1). So I am not sure if any thing has changed after these versions ( i doubt it)

Another comment from Aaron Harrison on this a while ago, when I had the same question on using two CUE modules was to,

set the voicemail pilot to an AA script which would play wave files just like CUE voicemail and then look up the calling number and based on a script rule, check if the user belongs to the local CUE or not and if it belongs to the remote CUE, you may redirect the call out to the second CUE's pilot number. This will work fine, but still it may be a unsupported configuration from Cisco.

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