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2 MOH streams in same call

I have 3 gateways setup on 3 different sites (each site has their own device pool/location etc.). They stream MOH locally (file stored on router flash etc.) and they work fine on external calls into phones on the same site as the gateway.

We have now added a 4th site that has a 3rd party call centre app (not IPCC). Whilst waiting in the Q, the caller is played the standard CM MOH - there's is no seperate music defined within this call centre application.

Calls into the gateway at site A that have a translation pattern to the ACD Q work fine (as far as MOH is concerned).

Calls into the gateway at site B and site C that have a translation pattern to the same ACD Q as site A do not work correctly. You hear MOH but it sounds like 2 seperate playbacks of the same MOH track, out of sync.

If I "show ccm-manager music-on-hold" on the gateway, only 1 stream is shown, but you can hear 2 on the call. I don't know if the CCM MOH is adding a second stream ? I cannot see any difference in the settings within CCM regarding MRG/MOH etc. between site A (works fine) and site B & C (doesn't) - but I may be missing something.

Any ideas ?


Re: 2 MOH streams in same call

Advised by Cisco that you upgrade your OS image to atleast 2000.2.5 or 2000.2.6 to prevent your system hitting any know worms or viruses eg. nachi, W32, Slammer etc..

This URL should help you:

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